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Sample Bulletin

A New Year: Snapshots of our progress, and state detail

After a shaky start, 2015 ended on a strong note, with payrolls up, the unemployment rate down, and the long-term unemployed coming back into the job market. We’ve updated our spider, or radar, graphs charting progress in a variety of important indicators. They spin an uneven, but encouraging, tale.

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Domestic regions

Our regional and state-level research

Please use the link below to take a look at some of our regional research. We have linked transportation fuel usage to overall national employment and manufacturing employment trends, report on usage by region, noting what it portends, and break out a couple of states for a closer look. We also put together some state league tables, showing states where employment is growing the fastest, as well as those where it is growing the most slowly.


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Special Reports

How Much Has the Job Market Recovered?

We just updated our Jobs Spider, a graph taken from the work of James Bullard, President of the St. Louis Fed. The leading indicators are still a bit ahead of reality, but the distance has narrowed in recent months.

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